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Hey there, welcome to Mater Plus! I’m Carolina — or Kerol, for friends.

I had never thought I would one day create a website to talk about motherhood. I actually never really believed I had much talent to be a mom, to be honest. However, my debut as a mother in 2014 was so life-changing that here I am, talking to you!

I have a BA in Translation from the University of Brasilia and an MA in Diplomacy and International Relations from Spain’s Diplomatic School, thanks to a scholarship I got from the Spanish government.

Trips, studies, work. Because of this combination, I used to think my life already had plenty of challenges. How naïve! I now realize that my two children (born in 2014 and 2015) have transformed me and pushed me out of my comfort zone more than my trips, studies and professional experiences ever have.

I have learned the real meaning of the word “challenge” the hard way when I was nothing but an inexperienced mother who did not even know how to hold a baby! (HELP!) After living through the NICU surprise and having to face (until today) the consequences of it, I started saying that my motherhood had a PLUS—by that, I mean it had and has extra challenges. I then started to view myself as a MATER PLUS (“mater” means “mother” in Latin).

This experience has made me think A LOT about other mothers who have gone through “PLUS situations” as well, whose babies have been born prematurely, have been admitted to a NICU, or have been diagnosed with some type of syndrome/disease/disability, etc. These cases often require treatments and infant stimulation therapies, which change the life of everybody in the family as the routine gets a “PLUS” and becomes more intense.

Because of all this, here is Mater Plus: a website with the goal of being a support for mothers of special children, both for emotional strength and for information about infant stimulation therapies. These have been my “secrets” to deal with all the pain I have gone through and I want to share them with you.

I also want to share ideas that help me as a mother in general. After all, I have two kids and I see that motherhood offers many kinds of PLUS. These challenges are very diverse and happen in the life of any woman who has children and who tries to be better every day.

Being a MATER PLUS is more than having great challenges to face with our babies. It implies wanting to benefit from the challenges in order to grow as a person, even if it is hard. Growth empowers you. A well-lived motherhood empowers you.

Thanks for reading up to this point. Feel free to write me and tell me your PLUS story as well. After all, the MATER PLUS journey becomes a little easier if we have great company!