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There’s more about visual stimulation and wearing glasses than you might think. Here I share what Visual Stimulation taught me about life.



My three-year-old son has been attending visual stimulation sessions since he was three months old. The result has been amazing, but still he needed to wear glasses, much to his disappointment.

Convincing him to wear his glasses can be quite tiring sometimes, to put it gently. The truth is that sometimes this “BATTLE OF THE GLASSES” becomes quite stressful.

So one day I decided to try a new strategy. I put him on my lap and said:

“We have a reason for everything we do.”

So I showed him his hands, finger by finger, as if each of them were a reason:

  • Sometimes, we do something just because we feel like doing it (desire);
  • Because we need to (need);
  • Because someone in authority told us to (obligation);
  • Because someone I trust recommended it (faith);
  • Because someone I love asked me to do it or needs it (LOVE)

When I mentioned “love”, I showed him his thumb and said:

“Our goal is to get to the thumb. The goal is to be able to do things out of love. So, please, out of love, would you wear your glasses?”

And, yes, it worked!


PS: I once heard that we, human beings, accept any circumstance if we have a reason for it. Do you agree with this? Why do you do the things you do?