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— So… does this number here mean that I am pregnant? Really pregnant????

Totally pregnant! — replied the doctor, trying not to laugh at my skeptically silly question.

A woman knows her life is about to change when she gets pregnant for the first time. People comment about not sleeping through the night anymore, about breastfeeding, and so on.

I knew things would be different after giving birth and, despite thinking that I was not the most talented person in the world to be a mother (quite the reverse!), I was open to the changes motherhood would bring to my life.

I could not expect, however, to see my baby suffer so much during birth due to a serious anoxia. He had to stay in hospital (ICU – intensive care unit) for almost a month.

After he was finally discharged from hospital, my special routine as a mother has officially begun: a marathon of exams, frequent medical appointments, and long-term treatments. I cannot complain, though. Having already suffered so much, he has been improving incredibly well thanks to infant stimulation therapies — he currently attends five of them: occupational therapy, speech therapy, visual stimulation, music therapy and hydrotherapy. Yes, we have a busy schedule!

We have learned that it is possible to find true happiness when pain seems to pervade everything — so much so that we decided to have another baby the following year!

With two babies at home and this busy therapy schedule, my life has never been so intense, but I have never felt so complete!



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Kerol Kreusch
A translator writing her own story. 

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