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That friendly girl said hello to me in the waiting room of the clinic and happily started a conversation with Paulo, who was about to start his physiotherapy session. I used to see that girl there often, since her son attended hydrotherapy sessions at the same time as Paulo.

Her cheerful attitude has always called my attention, especially when I realized she was truly thrilled to witness my son’s first steps — a huge victory for him, by the way.

We talked a few times and then I learned that her first child has been diagnosed with autism years ago. Therefore he has had an intense routine of therapies since an early age, like my son. I have immediately related to her story, since she also strives to reconcile her daily tasks with her son’s many treatments (besides many other things, of course).

But…how was this possible? How could she be so joyful? How could she not complain about anything?

She was not the only mother to impress me for this reason. At the clinic where Paulo attends visual stimulation sessions, I used to talk to a young couple who still did not know what their daughter’s health problem was. Seeing that 23-year-old mother’s unfailing enthusiasm was very inspiring to me.

These mothers have really given me a lesson…

I have then noticed that pain and happiness are not incompatible. I had already heard this in the past, but I had not yet lived this paradox myself. I have then understood that nurturing my inner world would make me stronger to face the difficulties of my outer world.

Those mothers seemed successful at that, why couldn’t I? So I have decided to boost my inner world by striving for four goals: optimism, happiness, serenity and professionalism. I want to share my attempts with you, whether successful or failed. We can learn together. See you in my next posts!