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How Long Does it Take to Change Somebody’s Life?

Have you ever considered how some people enter our lives and change it so quickly? It doesn’t take them years or decades to leave their mark on us. Read here how you can make the most of this phenomenon, especially… Continue Reading →

What a Seizure Has Taught Me About Happiness — And How This Will Help You In 3 Practical Steps

Being a mom is not an easy task. This is even truer if you have a child with special needs. This does not mean, however, that special needs motherhood must be sad or frustrating. Quite the reverse. The experiences you… Continue Reading →

What Visual Stimulation Taught Me About Life

There’s more about visual stimulation and wearing glasses than you might think. Here I share what Visual Stimulation taught me about life.     My three-year-old son has been attending visual stimulation sessions since he was three months old. The… Continue Reading →

Lectures for Special Needs Parents

Lectures for Special Needs Parents – I really LOVED being part of the “Family as the Focus” event, held in Brazil and organized by the team of therapists of “Clínica Integralle”. It’s inspiring to see and meet therapists that truly… Continue Reading →

Powerful Autism Moms

None of my two children have autism. So why — you might be wondering — am I writing about this? The answer is simple. My first child suffered serious anoxia at his birth in 2014 and therefore my life has… Continue Reading →

When Your Baby Needs Motor Physiotherapy (Part I)

Does your baby need motor physiotherapy? I would like to share with you my family’s experience with this therapy: our difficulties and how we tried to solve them. Following through with this therapy is hard — hard, and often painful,… Continue Reading →

Down Syndrome, “one of the most beautiful things”

I must confess that, until very recently, I did not know that March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day. Did you know it? I did not know either that there are plenty of people with this syndrome who work as… Continue Reading →

8 Reasons To Be Positive As You Raise A Special Child

  If your child has special needs, you have already probably left a medical appointment feeling dizzy and heartbroken. Not because you were not feeling well. But because you wanted your kid to be perfectly fine –and he/she is not…. Continue Reading →

How To Choose a Therapist For Your Child

“You need to stimulate your baby”. Have you ever heard this piece of advice? I am pretty sure that, at some point, your child’s doctor has given you this orientation. I have heard this A LOT (yes, really A LOT)… Continue Reading →

Trying To Be Optimistic

Okay, I admit it. Controlling our reaction to what happens to us is just not that easy. Sometimes smiling to that unfriendly shop assistant is the hardest thing in the world. So is insisting on saying “good morning” to that… Continue Reading →

04 Goals of a Mater Plus

That friendly girl said hello to me in the waiting room of the clinic and happily started a conversation with Paulo, who was about to start his physiotherapy session. I used to see that girl there often, since her son… Continue Reading →

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